Maybe. Some of us, at least.

November 2022

Also: come to The Rekindling this Thursday!
Memetamorphosis, and moreListen now | Wherein I reflect upon The Rekindling, One Word, lists, and more.
Scruples for saleListen now | A meandering muse on glammourie and at least two kinds of kitsune.

October 2022

Why web3?Listen now | On blockchain, web3, regenerative finance, and more.
Overthink your way to happinessListen now (33 min) | Dubious wisdom from your favourite wizard.
Highfalutin cryptolecticsListen now (44 min) | On complexity cant and guarded knowledge.
Smuggling InsightListen now | The art of ‘trojan-horsing’ new thinking, wisdom and wit.

September 2022

Complexity as PreferenceAlso: the rekindling of a podcast.

August 2022

A new mini-event series + thoughts on renewal and rot.

June 2022

And do we even need it? (Yes, of course we do. Mostly.)

April 2022

Wherein we optimise for nothing.