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🌿 Life, While You Grieve

My darling the dangerlam has contributed to the Collect exhibitiona collective of artists, friends and shared studios creating unique artworks through a diverse range of mediums in response to the word “Collect”.

Here is a collection of hand-drawn polaroid portraits of a solemn, grieving person. I reference the ritual and repetition of ‘one-picture-a-day’ photo projects that many undertake to chronicle change. This work was born out of a time of collective grieving (ongoing). I turned these phrases over and over: the many phases of grief; the many faces of grief; a singular face of grief. The title Life, While You Grieve is a nod to one of my favourite poems Life While-You-Wait by Wisława Szymborska.

Naturally, I love everything Kim makes.

If you’d like to be one of the few who owns one of these original pieces, they are available for purchase at

The exhibition is happening until May 4th at The Abbotsford Convent at St Heliers Street Gallery. Other contributing artists include Elizabeth Barnett, David Booth, Kat Chadwick, Hamish Freeman, Georgia Janetzki, Ellie Malin, Klarissa Pfisterer, Danie Pout, Cat Rabbit, Jess Racklyleft, Shelley Steer, and Anna Walker (who convened the exhibition).

The opening for the Collect exhibition was something quite special (。◕‿◕。)

The Abbotsford Convent is where we walk Snörri most days, and remains one of the best kept secrets of Melbourne. An enchanted, slightly-haunted-yet-always-charming place. Plus, the Collect exhibition is right next to Cam’s, who make some of the best pasta napoli and tiramisu in the southern hemisphere.

Mayhaps see you there!

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