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✨ Bonini’s spellbook

It has been a bit over two weeks since I started sharing pages from my spellbook. The idea is to share shorter and slightly more practical posts betwixt the deeper museletters I’ve been writing for the past few years.

I’ve four posts for you thus far.

🧙🏻‍♂️ Moloch Media – wherein I present a frame for how to relate to corporate [social] media.

🎭 Down with downlighting – wherein I offer profound advice to any event organiser and living non-plant creature (plus: a glimpse of my dungeon aesthetic).

🦊 Reject fake arguments – wherein I expand upon the “red card with heart” (aka 🟥❣️) as a means to sidestep pointless battles with trolls.

🎭 Weaponised naïveté – wherein I share a facilitatory stance I oft deploy as a means to surface the unspoken and allow new pathways to reveal themselves.

That last post was titled to be a bit more provocative. There’s a version where I went into much more nuance, but that piece was becoming a much heftier and convoluted read. And frankly: quite tedious.

It’s much like Bonini’s paradox: as a model of a complex system becomes more complete, it becomes less understandable. If I were to accurately describe the situational heuristics along with the ‘living systems acuity’ and dispositional fluidity required to cultivate the conditions for emergence—it would be an obscenely dense text; likely neither useful nor understandable nor enjoyable.

Instead, via the spellbook, I hope to offer you cantrips. Spicy cantrips.

I also hope to share more of my adventures amidst the mythopoetic with you. There are patterns that exist in our semiotic/meaning-making ecology that enable us to navigate complexity and the unknown. Myths aren’t accurate or complete representations of complex systems, but rather—as Dr. Martin Shaw might suggest—they’re the beautiful lies that tell a deeper truth.

Myth, like leadership, thrives amidst paradox—including Bonini’s.

More soon. ✨

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