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foxwizard ☾

Ahoy. I’m foxwizard; rogue scholar and philosopher-bard.

By daylight I masquerade as “Dr. Fox, Archwizard of Ambiguity”—a bestselling author, keynote speaker and complexity practitioner with many happy clients.

But here, in my moonlight form, I assist those who quest amidst the emergent—towards a world more curious and kind (and a future less grim). ❤︎


Join the many thousands who read The Muselettera weekly epistle for those who seek to be more effective imposters within the mythical ‘future of leadership’.

Recent Posts


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First: do no harm.


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Is this the standard we accept in society?

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Infiltrate with influence.

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—but the lions are well and truly back.


How do you like *dis* information?

Making sense in the distraction economy.