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Ahoy and well met. I’m foxwizard; philosopher to wit.

When not daylighting as a semi-illustrious leadership advisor, I quest to cultivate a world more curious and kind.

My adventures currently see me deep within the dark forests of web3. I also delight in complexity, mythopoetics, collective coordination, and other such whims.


This is my solipsistic bricolage of a ‘personal blog’—join over 11k readers who subscribe to my musings here. ♥

Recent Posts

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On Sabbaticals and Whims

Wherein we optimise for nothing.

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Why DAOs will soon eat the enterprise world

And by ‘soon’ I mean: within a generation or two.

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Thus far; the good vibes of Klima DAO

Why I’ve come to admire this potential ‘black hole’ for carbon.

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Towards a world more curious and kind

A conversation with Joe Lightfoot on The Lightfoot Podcast.

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Watch me talk about ‘How to Lead a Quest’ 🔮

A conversation with Aidan McCullen on The Innovation Show.