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💌 It’s okay to signal virtue

In fact: it’s odd not to.

What-ho and hello! This is going to be a hell of a pell-mell* of a museletter. The past two months have seen me operate in mostly deranged form. More yako 野狐 than the otherwise zenko 善狐 form I aspire to. I seem to have fallen prey to some of the daemons of the warp. Or rather: the ability for platforms to polarise us, and to only show us the worst of humanity.° Or rather: the worst of Western imperialism in force.

* Don’t expect elegant segues.
° And, also: the best of society. Communities, unions, and peoples of all countries and cultures uniting together against atrocity, and remembering the power we can collectively tap into. Grim as it has all been, this has been hearting.

Questing for better strategy

I had the joy of being asked some incredibly astute questions in a recent webinar appearance with govn365. If you’ve ever wondered where strategy comes from—and what ‘quest leadership’ looks like in action—I think you’ll enjoy this webinar. This is, literally, a rare ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse into how emergent strategy is cultivated in enterprise land. Enjoy!

// Where to now? //

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