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💌 Belated Glimmers + an odd request

Also: a musing about The Museletter.

Ahoy friends. I’m ‘on the road’ at the moment; betwixt leadership events. I brought my beans, grinder and goose-neck pourer to the hotel room, as I do. But I forgot to bring the filter paper. And so, for a few minutes I fancied myself as a kind of modern day ‘macgyver’—but the mess I’ve made is heinous. I’m going to pretend it didn’t happen.

In this museletter:

◊ I subtly promote the masterclass we have happening with MBS next week via reflecting on the notion of ‘Working Relationships’ (less than 10 tickets remain)

◊ I characteristically overshare My Current Turmoil (instead of maintaining the air of quixotic yet iconoclastic mystique I otherwise aspire to)—resulting in ‘An Odd Request

◊ I provide some ‘Belated Glimmers’—worthy reads, and notions worth contemplating

Later this week I shall be giving my (adapted) ‘Artificially Intelligent’ keynote to an audience of advanced lawyers. I’m personally curious as to how this will land; much of the world is still deep within the misty-eyed honeymoon phase with AI. But perhaps this group are ready to think a few more steps ahead? We’ll see.

// Where to now? //

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