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This site was conjured and crafted in Naarm on the lands of the Kulin Nation, with genuine respect to elders and all First Nations people.

I use Ghost—an open source, independent and not-for-profit platform—along with one of the versatile Aspire Themes by Ahmad Ajmi (which was further enhanced with the help of Professor Cathy Sarisky). I wouldn’t have got this far if not for the sage tutelage of Kevin McGillivray, who taught me the essentials of code and the wonders of the independent web.

My darling the dangerlam is an astute editor and writing coach. All typos and faux pas are that which I published without her knowing.

The ‘foxwizard’ wordmark uses Bradley DJR by the delightful David Jonathan Ross. Body text is in Nexus Sans by the esteemed Martin Majoor.

The pixelated homepage image of my lantern-lit self within the dark forest was crafted by the artist Ozzz. The foxwizard favicon and motif is a philosopher-derivative of The Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult. Portrait photography is by the inimitable genius that is Oli Sansom. I have also used photography gifted to me from the organisers of the many events I’ve contributed to.