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This site was conjured and crafted in Naarm on the unceded lands of the Kulin Nation, with genuine respect to elders past and present, and all First Nations people. This is, was, and always will be Aboriginal land.

I use Ghost—an open source, independent and not-for-profit platform—along with one of the versatile Aspire Themes by Ahmad Ajmi, (further enhanced with the help of Professor Cathy Sarisky of Spectral Web Services—who I highly recommend to any independent publisher looking to refine their ghost site). I am grateful for the tutelage of Kevin McGillivray, who taught me the wonders of the independent web. I also appreciate Manuel Moreale as a paragon of independent publishing beyond the distraction economy—the home page layout was inspired by an earlier version of his site.

The ‘foxwizard’ wordmark and h1 uses Bradley DJR by David Jonathan Ross. Body text is in Nexus Sans by Martin Majoor. The header image is a perversion of Bokuyō Katayama’s wondrous painting, The Forest (1928), to which I have applied a pixelated patina. The foxwizard favicon and motif is a philosopher-derivative of The Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult.

My darling the dangerlam is an astute editor and writing coach—all typos and faux pas are that which I published without her knowing. Kim is also my life-partner and business manager—if you ever book Dr. Fox you will do so via her.


29th February 2024

// Where to now? //

Thanks for being here · I’m foxwizard (aka Dr Fox)

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