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The Rekindling

Regenerative sensibilities for the collapse-aware

The Rekindling
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Wouldst thou like taste of butter? A pretty dress? Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? So asked the baphomet Devil in the The VVitch. It’s an apt question we ought ask of ourselves periodically—particularly when the deep winter of our world leads us to the sombre and dark. How, dear friends, might we live more vividly? More enchantedly? How might we risk delight?

... all the while still co-creating a world more curious and kind (and a future less grim)? How might we cultivate a tenderness despite?*

* This comes from I can’t remember who, but someone who completed The Ritual of Becoming a while back and shared this with me on a tram.

A rekindling of the mythic

We cannot merely think our way through this metacrisis we share. Rationality alone is not enough to ensure meaningful progress. If we are to survive these times—if we are to thrive—it behooves us to venture beyond our cognitive constraints.

And so, in this special deep-winter rekindling event, we venture into myth, meaning and magic. And merriment.

This Wednesday 10th of July we will be joined by special guest Dr. David Pecotić—existential counsellor, poet and sage friend of the foxwizard. David is a re-enchanter, and someone whose perspective–and that of his daimon–I have come to value immensely in my own questing. I have a sense that the daimonic perspective David brings to this event will rekindle something within you, too. Something magic.

In this deep-winter rekindling, you will:

» Find renewed solace in the hidden knowledge you already know.
» Perhaps discover how to win the affections of your muse once more.
» Develop an appreciation for the skill of wintering; of transmuting sadness.
» Revel in the kinship of likewise seekers who quest for brighter futures amidst the dark.

This event is for those of us who relish in those rare conversations by the fire in the magic of twilight. It’s for those who have or seek a poetic disposition to the way we live and lead our lives. If you’re reading this, know: you are warmly welcome to join us in this gathering.

This event is happening on Wednesday 10th of July, Wednesday 10th of July 545–730pm at United Co. 425 Smith Street, Fitzroy—then 730pm unto deep night in our private enclave within The Molly Rose 🍺

Whomst this “David Pecotić”?

Born a poet nearly five decades ago, Dr. David Pecotić has had many adventures in the years between then and now: as seeker after truth, academic, partner, public servant, father and counsellor. Recently, tragedy reawoke in David a need to express himself in poetry. His poems have so far appeared in the Australian Poetry Collaboration and The Canberra Times. David lives in Australia, where he's in a complicated relationship with his daimon.

Here’s how it works:

This introvert-friendly evening event begins at 5:45 pm at United Co., 425 Smith Street, Fitzroy. Here, you make yourself comfortable and enjoy an intimate and explorative open conversation, warmly hosted by PK and myself.

Then—as one collective skulk—we amble our way to the Molly Rose (a delightful local brewery nearby) for the unfurling ‘intellectual speakeasy salon hangs’ until ‘whenever’. Everything prior to this is foreplay—this is genuinely wondrous part. Relaxed generative and serendipitous dialogue at-depth amongst a warm atmosphere of old and newfound friends. A highlight of any month.

Tickets may also be acquired directly via:

A Winter Rekindling | Humanitix
A Winter Rekindling
This event is held upon the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, and graciously hosted by Kearney Group.

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