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Dr Fox’s ‘Speaker Kit’

On this page...

Note: this page is intended for event organisers who have booked Dr Fox to contribute to an endeavour. 

AV Requirements

I’m an affable wizard, and can make magic in even the most challenging contexts. Having said that, I do have some recommendations for how to make the most of your investment.


Jason moves around and interacts with every audience. For large audiences it is essential to have a wireless madonna headset microphone available, with fresh batteries. Failing that, a wireless lapel microphone will do.

For smaller or more intimate gatherings it may be that amplification is not required. Still, having a wireless lapel or handheld mic would still be a good idea.

An audio technician should be available prior to the presentation to ensure all is in working order.

tl;dr – wireless headset mic


I am pretty relaxed about stage set up. I assume you know what you are doing, but if you are new to events I can provide some suggestions during our briefing call. Subtle things most venues don’t consider.

My main requirement is some water nearby. If it’s possible to have a raised stool that would be nice—but this is not essential.

tl;dr – good lighting, a raised stool and some water nearby


I don’t tend to run slides for most events these days, which makes me a very low-fuss speaker for your event.

If, during our briefing call, we decide that slides would be apt, my preference is to run it from my own macbook from the stage. I run a newer model, and output is via USB-C. It is worth advising AV technicians of this requirement ahead of time, so that they have the necessary set up.

Note: my slides are quite gorgeous (with looping animations and exquisite typography)—but not essential. Should the technology gods frown upon us on the day of your event, I can easily whizz a holding slide across to your crew.

tl;dr – for large audiences, I use my laptop from the stage via USB-C 

Biographies & Introductions

Here are long and short versions of Dr Fox’s biography, which you can use in your program. These can also serve as introductions that your Master of Ceremonies can use—though whenever possible, I love a warm and somewhat off-the-cuff introduction. So: consider the following as but a starting point.

Long Biography (probably don’t read all of this aloud)

Dr Jason Fox is a wizard-philosopher masquerading as a motivational speaker and leadership advisor. He works with clever teams questing amidst complexity and the emergent.

His many happy clients include the senior leadership teams of Fortune 500 companies around the world including Microsoft, HP, Novartis, Red Bull, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, Honda, Sony, Oracle, Honeywell and Salesforce, to other multinationals such as Beam Suntory, Vodafone, Tableau, Gartner, Xero, HP, Bupa, Red Cross, Bulgari, Pandora, Arup, Aon, PWC, Ricoh, Honeywell, KPMG, The World Tourism Forum and The International Institute of Research (not to mention: financial institutions, university chancelleries, telcos, government agencies, insurers, software developers, decentralised autonomous organisations, and so on). Much of his work is in complexity and decentralised leadership within questing companies behind the scenes (and NDAs).

Jason has lectured at three universities (systems and behaviour), and is the bestselling author of The Game Changer and How to Lead a Quest. In addition to serving as a leadership adviser, Dr Fox is also a globally in-demand keynote speaker who works particularly well with senior leaders and sceptical audiences who have ‘seen it all before’. In 2016 he was awarded ‘Keynote Speaker of the Year’—and has only gotten better.

Dr Fox lives with an illustrator-veterinarian and a feline companion named ‘π’ in an old chocolate factory in Melbourne, Australia. When not liberating the world from the delusion of progress, Jason enjoys partaking in extreme sports such as reading, sun-avoidance and coffee snobbery.

Short Biography
Dr Jason Fox is a wizard-philosopher masquerading as a motivational speaker and leadership advisor. He works with clever teams seeking meaningful progress—beyond the default. 


Here is a dropbox link to professional photos (by Oli Sansom) that you can use for your program or event promotion. If you are using my image for any advertising or social media campaigns, please check with us first before publishing. There have been times in the past where enthusiastic event organisers have misattributed a quote to me, which stirred up unnecessary mess. I’d love for your efforts to be as efficacious as possible.

If you have any questions—or if there is anything else you need—simply reach out.