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Watch me talk about ‘How to Lead a Quest’ 🔮

A conversation with Aidan McCullen on The Innovation Show.

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When I was first asked to be on The Innovation Show I was worried it might be one of those hyped-yet-hollow shows that interview the authors of vanity-published books. The type where the host and the interviewee un-ironically sprout the latest array of buzzwords in the form of trite tweetables or try to subtly one up each other with references to banal bestsellers and TED talks. But Aidan McCullen—author of Undisruptable—offers something refreshingly different.

For starters, he has interviewed many of the stalwarts in the industry—John Kotter, Michael Bungay-Stanier, David Allen, BJ Fogg (and more). And what’s more; you can tell he has invested more than a cursory skim of their work—his questions are insightful, intelligent, and astute. But what I love most about Aidan’s approach is that he’s just so wonderfully real and relatable. I am sure there were many times in which he had something quite genuinely profound to add to the mix—and yet he doesn’t afflict his ego or force his perspective into the flow.

The result was an enchanting experience for me, wherein I got to divulge without constraint. In the aftermath I was left with that classic ‘oh heck; did I talk too much?’ anxiety, but I was assured that this was the point of the interview.

Friends, I am super-duper jaded with the whole ‘thought leadership’ industry, and much of the consultant shenanigans that proliferate within Enterprise Land. But this interview was heartening, and I am left looking forward to somehow syncing time-zones enough to warrant a whisky with Aidan.

In this conversation I unpack some of the salient elements from my book How to Lead a Quest. The book was written years ago now—it was fun to revisit some of my older thinking from this new vantage point. Anyhoo; I hope you enjoy.

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