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Nov 21, 2019Liked by foxwizard

We stumble, if only so that what follows does not.

An exacerbation of the impostor syndrome.. We are not alone, We are all impostors deluding ourselves in our personal realities and making noise.

But that noise, is still grains of information.

and when enough are collected together, patterns emerge.

and there is the possibility that we might just make something better than ourselves, that can possibly make sense of the nonsense!

and of course there is the pretense of sharing ideas, such that they can be refined and grow beyond their initial conception.

Into the unknown.. Given FOOMO as a thing, do we have JOOMO?

Taking a Sci fi spin..

Lets say we could directly share consciousness (If we can accept that it exists) or the illusion at least..) (And possibly we already do.. ) Or perhaps a collective. Could we embrace being within a corporate conciousness? If it was embraced a normal social thing.. or just ... facebook.

And there.. I lost where I was going.. I am sad that I am missing out.. But Melbourne is just out of reach for now... other ventures conflict..

I am looking forward to getting a "Humm".. and if that works, then neural alignment links are something not far away...



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