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Offsites & Immersions

An offsite in a distillery 🥃

Offsites and immersions offer profound opportunities for leaders and teams to have the conversations too important to squeeze into operational meetings. These are the conversations that bring teams together, clarifying purpose, vision, and values. They're also often the genesis of business model innovation, strategic differentiation, and the courageous thinking that sees organizations venture beyond the default.

But perhaps most importantly: they are wondrous opportunities to catalyse friendship, alignment, and trust among your team. The fellowship and collective genius of your team is a more profound advantage than nearly anything else.

A healthy leadership team can navigate complex challenges with optimal conflict. Not no conflict (for that simply generates festering passivity)—and not needless conflict (for that just diminishes and divides)—but optimal conflict. Which—when experienced within a good team—feels like a spirited conversation among friends.

That’s the dream. It’s difficult to describe the magic of an offsite. When done well, they can be truly transformative experiences—but suffice to say: offsites are vital to the health and flourishing of any endeavouring team.

A quick note on terminology. By ‘offsite’, I am referring to an extended period of time away from the default context of work. This can be virtual, yes. But the real magic happens when we bring people together for at least a night away. The ‘mythic unlock’ that happens from a day spent immersed in the generative tension of conflicting perspectives while asking the forbidden questions is pure magic. But then to reforge bonds over dinner, to stay up late with a whiskey by the fire, and to awake refreshed with a renewed (shared) perspective the next day—replete with clarity, camaraderie, and purpose—it's borderline divine.

‘Immersions’, on the other hand, are like offsites, except they happen onsite (or online), and usually occur within a day. They aren't quite as profound as an offsite, but are more budget and time friendly. Here, I do my best to weave a similar magic.

I have worked with clients to co-create wondrous offsite experiences. The kind that feel like an inflection point for teams, and the beginning of whole new chapters. You can get a sense of this from some of the endorsements my clients have shared.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of collaborating to create a wondrous offsite—or to have me facilitate an immersion for your team—please get in touch and let’s see what we might conjure.

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