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Leadership Development

I offer ‘quest leadership’ programs to enterprise organisations seeking meaningful progress—beyond the default. I also appear as a trickster-wizard to augment, enhance and benevolently derail conventional leadership programs.

I’m joking about the derailment part, of course. Yet, at the same time: there are no rails. Leaders ought shine a light on the path for others to follow—even when there is no path.

The word ‘leadership’ has become so overused now in this age where EvErYoNe Is A lEaDeR. But I suspect much of what we call leadership is simply benign incrementalism and compliance virtue signalling. This might be fine for formulaic work with predictable outcomes—but I do not think that these are the qualities that maketh a leader. Nor do I believe this beckons the apt stewardship of organisations and teams towards future relevance.

For true leadership is a subversive act. In this way, leadership is much more akin to artistry. Leaders ought to be able to navigate complexity, ambiguity, paradox and doubt with charismatic grace and aplomb. They ought to have a keen eye for the emergent, and the sensibilities to inspire meaningful progress amidst uncharted domains. These qualities aren’t formulaic, nor straightforward to ‘teach’—but I do my best, and have many happy clients.

Should you wish to spice up existing leadership programs with my wizardly magic—or if you wish to co-create an initiative that transcends the conventional default—please do reach out. I would be elated to explore this with you.