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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Dr Fox’s fees?

Bah, I knew you would ask this first. I have compiled a tentative guide for your budgeting delight.

Does Dr Fox work virtually?

Yes! Of course. I have a studio replete with top-of-the-line cinema-quality videography, streaming, sound and lighting, and have facilitated many a virtual session—conferences, firesides, panels, leadership off-sites, hackathons and more. I love virtual.

Who does Dr Fox work with?

I have worked across most industries now. And, whilst I am deft with all audiences, I tend to work particularly well with smart and sceptical folks who’ve “seen it all before”. Most of the time I forget to ask for testimonials because it’s a tad awkward, but here are few from the times I did remember.

Does Dr Fox work with speaker bureaux?

Yes! Naturally. I have wonderful working relationship with many speaker bureaux and professional conference organisers. There are, of course, some sharks out there that let the whole industry down; but most are incredible people. If you have a working relationship with a bureaux agent I will happily honour that (now, and ongoingly). Note: there is a commission paid to the agent that occurs on top of my standard fee. But for large corporate accounts this is infinitely preferable to the administrative rigmarole of setting up a new vendor account. 

What are Dr Fox’s audio-visual requirements?

I’m an affable wizard, and can make magic in even the most challenging contexts. Having said that, I do have some recommendations for how to make the most of my contribution. I have detailed these in my ‘speaker kit’.

Wait, didn’t Dr Fox have a podcast?

Hoho, yes. But I am the Archwizard of Ambiguity and the wily foxwizard. My ways are frequently unfathomable. But in earnestness; I find myself quite constantly embarrassed by my past self. In the living world, things die and decay—but here in the noösphere the internet preserves all of our thoughts in an undeathly stasis. This eldritch power thus means that people will frequently interact with the ideas of my past self. And whilst, to be fair, these ideas still hold merit today—I do not like to be overly haunted by phantoms of my past self. Thus, every few years I immolate or otherwise obfuscate much of what I have done. This saves me from using past thinking as a crutch—although occasionally some treasures are lost in the process. So be it.

To put it more eloquently, here is an excerpt from Lewis Hyde’s Trickster Makes This World:—

Better to operate with detachment, then; better to have a way but infuse it with a little humour; best, to have no way at all but to have instead the wit constantly to make one's way anew from the materials at hand.”

Would Dr Fox like to speak on my podcast/stream/show?

I would be delighted to join you. Even if your endeavour caters to a niche audience, I am genuinely elated at the prospect. My only stipulations are that our values align, that there are no cringe-inducing hustle vibes or uncomfortable self-promotion, and that the discussion is open to unexpected turns (surprise and delight) rather than being overly scripted performative. I cherish opportunities to delve into novel, nuanced, and emerging domains alongside warm-hearted and bright-minded folk. Should this resonate with you, please do not hesitate to reach out with the secret phrase “I read the faq btw lol” (signalling that you are a kindred spirit).

What is the main benefit of becoming a ‘friend of the foxwizard’?

Ah, I appreciate your curiosity about the membership aspect of this site. I departed from Substack as I felt their approach to paid membership had grown overly assertive. Simultaneously, I am a contented paying subscriber to numerous writers. The key, in my opinion, is to view any payment as a gift.

Therefore, the only benefit is the gratifying sensation of supporting a writer.

However, I strive to address any and all questions posed by friends of the foxwizard every month. Additionally, they receive a complimentary code for The 'Choose One Word' Ritual of Becoming (valued at $150 AUD / ~$100 USD)—a ~70 video program on how to find/fabricate new motivation, meaning and myth in life. 

I hear Dr Fox runs events in Melbourne—when is his next event?

I do run events in Melbourne—wondrous intellectual speakeasy salon-style events; all warm, wondrous and enchanted. You really ought come along. Subscribe to The Museletter to find out when the next one will be.

Can I have Dr Fox speak in my city?

Hoho; well. The simple answer is: yes, for a fee. My summoning fees are what help buy me the time to do my research and writing—which, in turn, attracts the interest in paying for the applied distillations of wit and wisdom. It’s a virtuous cycle.

However, if you're organizing a genuinely remarkable event that will draw a sufficient number of fascinating people, we might—just might—be able to arrange something.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have friends host gatherings in cities while I've toured Europe and America, and I've reciprocated for similar such in Melbourne (in roasteries and distilleries, no less). My semi-improvised fireside evocations tend to be well-suited for such occasions. If you believe I might be captivated by your event, please feel free to entice me.

Was there a question I missed? I’m sure there was. Please let me know.