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{dubious} Sage Advice

The path of any questing leader is fraught with peril; it’s dangerous to go alone. Genuinely: questing is oft-times a lonely game. Your friends and collegues won’t quite understand; you’ll see it in their bemused look. They’ll offer you advice cogent to conventional paradigms—yet they don’t yet see what you do.

That’s okay. The solitude is sometimes nice—but it can be easy to spiral. Doubt is a constant companion; twin to the curiosity that guides you. It can be easy to lose your way, or fall prey to the convenience of that-which-already-is.

I can help you stay the pathless path betwixt it all. Furthermore: I can help you shine a light on the path for others to follow.

I must, however, dispel the notion that I am an ‘advisor’—at least, in the conventional sense. For who could claim expertise in that which is yet to emerge

Rather, I serve as a complexity-practitioner and an intellectual sparring partner, assisting you in the dance of figuring amidst the ambiguity and paradox inherent to questing.

To maintain the sanctity of my arcane counsel, I limit my clientele to a mere three questers at any given time. A first step is to book a private consultation—if this proves fruitful, we may explore a deeper/sequenced engagement.